Bank of America Plaza Facelift

September 30, 2018

Bank of America Plaza, under the ownership of TIER REIT, was recently revamped with new finishes and signage in the lobby, elevators, Overstreet Mall and outside areas. The main entrance was relocated and new retail and restaurant space was opened directly on the square (Trade and Tryon). SouthWood has extensive experience manufacturing and installing signage on towers uptown and we were excited to play a role in the transformation of yet another skyscraper.

TIER REIT had many physical and economic reasons to complete the renovation. The building’s old ground floor was made up of black, reflective glass that prevented seeing into the building. The demand for retail space uptown (especially near the square) was rising and the building is in a prime location for shops and restaurants.

The $25 million renovation was completed in two years in multiple stages. From a signage standpoint, coordinating production dates and installation schedules with the construction team was a puzzle. Working on a bank-branded building and in the center of Uptown Charlotte poses their own set of complex regulations, but our team used past experience and careful planning to successfully execute the new signage.

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